Environmental Product Declaration EPD

Information on the environmental impacts of the construction products used is needed as a basis for assessing the sustainability of buildings. These data are to be provided by the manufacturers of construction products preferably in the standardised format of the so-called Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). In an EPD, product manufacturers report life cycle assessment-based indicators such as the use of resources and the contribution to the greenhouse effect and have them independently tested. BauMineral has environmental product declarations for the EFA-Füller® hard coal fly ashes and Grobalith® bottom ashes.

According to this EPD, EFA-Füller® and Grobalith® are by-products. The system boundary of the manufacturing phase is the finished product at the factory gate. The outlays incurred by the power stations for the production of the by-products are to be added to the electricity and heat production. This makes the production of EFA-Füller® and Grobalith® CO2-neutral. Only the outlays for storage and transport to the factory gate are added. The environmental effects of EFA-Füller® and Grobalith® are therefore altogether negligible.