Coal Combustion Products - Conserving the Future

May 2021
Coal Phase-Out: No More By-Products for the Construction Industry BauMineral is working on sustainable CO2-neutral replacement products


November 2020
Sustainability - The BauMineral truck fleet has become more eco-friendly


February 2018
Environmental Product Declarations EPD confirm: Power plant by-products are CO2-neutral


April 2017
New headquarters of Uniper in Düsseldorf - constructed with BauMineral products


December 2014
Interview with Burkhard Jakobuß for the 25th company anniversary: "We still have lots of potential"


Concepts for modern construction materials, more than just fly ash…

BauMineral is a 100% subsidiary of Uniper SE and operates as an integrated full service provider for the power industry with around 50 years of experience in marketing by-products from hard coal-fired power plants to the construction and building materials industry. BauMineral organizes the path of these products from their origin in the power plant to their use in the construction industry by means of its own building materials laboratory, its own fleet of special vehicles and comprehensive sales technically and logistically.

The main products from BauMineral are the hard coal fly ashes EFA-Füller®, BM-Füller® and micro fly ashes Microsit®, the boiler slags Grobalith® as a light aggregate for light-weight concrete as well as other applications and FGD gypsum. Further products are the limestone fillers @-Powder, @-Stone and Calcidite in different grain sizes, as well as cements CEM II B-V 32.5 R and CEM II B-V 42.5 N. In addition, BauMineral produces the micro fly ashes Microsit®, the high-performance additive "Rheo-Mix" for self-compacting concrete, compounds for liquid soils and finished mixing products according to customer requirements in the mixing and processing plant (MaPP). BauMineral has Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for the fly ashes EFA-Füller® and the boiler slags Grobalith®, which proves that the production of these products is CO2-neutral.

BauMineral acts with ideas and flexibility to the changing market for Coal Combustion Products (CCPs) and works on the development of new strategies and additional at alternative products for the construction and building materials industry. Through our expertise, innovative strength and creativity in product application, BauMineral ensures technological and economic advantages.

BauMineral relies on the general principle of equivalent concrete performance according to DIN 1045-2 / DIN EN 206-1, sec., in which BauMineral sees the future for the design of modern concrete concepts and, besides fly ash, the efficient use of various other concrete additives, on which BauMineral is already working. The concept of BauMineral is Performance.