MaPP - mixing and processing

Our mixing and processing plant is completely in step with our company’s policy of offering our customers refined power plant CCPs of the highest quality. It enables production of a wide range of products. Above all, tried and tested construction materials for mining and civil engineering such as mining mortar, fillers, shotmortar and jetcrete are produced here. In addition to this, we operate one of the few production facilities for cement floating screed. Our product range also comprises construction materials for solidifying and stabilizing ground, substratum binder for road construction and binding agents for concrete and concrete products. Moreover, this facility enables the production of smaller volumes in accordance with special customer wishes.

Apart from the mix products, our new micro-fillers of the product series, Microsit®, are also produced in the mixing and processing plant. Our perfectly coordinated grading processes and the accompanying, extensive quality management ensure production of the highest quality.

All products made in our plant can be supplied as silo goods, in big bags or in paper sacks.