Logistics – transporting and storing

We provide reliable low-price delivery of our products via road, rail and water. As silo specialist forwarders, we transport all dust and grain bulk products for the building sector as well as related industries. We supply and transport bulk cargo such as bottom ash, granulate and crushed stone fines with our tipper trucks.

We handle the dispatch of bagged cargo, partial and complete loads. We organise and execute loading and handling of inland and seagoing vessels, silo wagons and large-scale silo units. We have our own silo stock capacities at eleven locations with a capacity of more than 330,000 t dry hard coal fly ash.

By cooperating with reliable partners we are always able to provide sufficient transport capacities.

Our truck fleet

  • 40 special vehicles
    Tipper trucks 31,5 cbm
    Silo units 39 - 56 cbm
  • Electronic communication facilities enable dispatch tracking and ensuring exact location of the supply at all times.