February 2018
Environmental Product Declarations EPD confirm: Power station by-products are CO2-neutral

BauMineral is the first marketer of coal combustion by-products (CCP's) to obtain Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its pulverized fly ash (PFA) EFA-Füller® and its furnace bottom ash (FBA) Grobalith®. The EPD confirm that the influence of PFA and FBA on global warming, ozone depletion, acidification and eutrophication as well as resource consumption is negligible.

Coal always contains so-called host rock, which is also called ballast. The non-combustible mineral particles inevitably remain when coal is used in dry firing boilers. Since the environmental impacts of coal combustion are to be attributed to power and / or steam production, CCP's are environmentally neutral. Environmentally relevant are only subsequent processes which serve the further use of these by-products. These are the transport from the storage yard or from the silo to the power plant gate, as well as the evacuation from the silo.

Consequently, during the preparation of the EPD for cement (owner: VDZ) and concrete (owner: Information Center Concrete), the positive influence of PFA (for cement additionally the positive impact of FGD gypsum) on the impact balance of cement and concrete was taken into account in advance. Here only the transport from the power plant to the concrete batching plant has been considered as ecologically relevant.

Thus this issue can be specifically used to improve the environmental impact of cement and concrete. Since all the PFA is already used in cement and concrete applications from the BauMineral point of view, the greatest potential is still available for the use of FBA Grobalith® certified as a lightweight aggregate. Here so far the use as "lightweight aggregate" for concrete takes mainly place abroad.